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Let’s support Small Business Saturday

Here are a few of my favorites for small and local.

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The Think Tank Society supports and encourages small business leaders through education and connections support. We cheer each other on and tell others about our friends businesses.

With Small Business Saturday ahead of us, I thought it would be fun to list our friends and members businesses! Please consider buying your gifts from our friends!


Freckled Chicken


Simply Livly


Amy Catherine Designs


Hunky Dory


Loops by Keri


Music and Collegiate licensed accessories:

Whispering Angel


For the Home:

LV Cr8


Red’s Gone Green


Wellness/Self Care:

Tapping/Massage by Pauline


Essential Oils with Tiffany Bollinger


Creative Oasis with Jill Allison Bryan




Photo books and Notebooks:

May Designs





Local (Dallas) Retailers:

Ra Ra’s Closet


The Gypsy Wagon


The Toy Maven


A surprise guest speaker got me thinking…

By Anna Brindley
Last week I had the privilege of sitting in on an impromptu guest speaking engagement at a fashion college in Dallas where I teach. Our guest speaker was Korto Momolu best known for her 2nd place prize on the fourth season of Project Runway. (but not for long, my girl has big plans!)

Her presentation had already begun when I arrived due to the fact that a student was late finishing up a test. For some reason, I felt this super sense of urgency to see her. Never mind that the first time I had ever even heard of her was about 12 hours before. In hindsight, I had somehow sensed she was special.

As she spoke, I was immediately drawn in by her physical beauty and how confidently she spoke. She was clearly someone who believed in herself.

She told us about her journey from Liberia to Canada and then to fashion school.  Stop there! That would have been interesting enough…but she went on to tell us about how she ended up on Project Runway.

She captured the essence of the folks who attend our Think Tank Society meetings in that she said we should all encourage each other to rise up and above. She believes that we all need to work together to help one another. Since that is the exact spirit we harness in our Think Tank Society, I couldn’t help wishing some of our members could be there and that she could regularly attend our great meetings.

Great sound bites are only a small piece of the Korto pie. She overflows with possibilities and is so very inspiring. Some of my favorites were (and I paraphrase) the following:
–your work (or your designs) should have a distinctive signature
—follow some basic rules but break some too
—smile at the dream killers
—keep enemies close
—believing in yourself (and your ideas) sells your products
—keep on a path of growth, keep growing
—be half rock and half sponge

When one of the students asked how one should find his or her way/calling/signature Korto recommended that this student spread all of his work out in front of him and look for the common thread. She said, if you look close enough at everything you create, you will see a common thread. It could become your path, your signature, your essence.

She believes that is what will make you stand apart. Your special “twist” or “mix” that makes it all you for others to love and admire —–in a very competitive world where “designers are born everyday.”

Korto Momolu is on an very winding path and she clearly keeps growing. Her energy alone was inspiring enough  and she wants to take everyone on her journey with her. What a generous spirit she is and I am so grateful I got to experience her—her signature, her essence, her vibe!

I think, therefore I can, man!

Hello, Anna Brindley and Anna Clark here. Welcome to the Think Tank Society™ blog. We’ve been supporting each other through our entrepreneurial journeys for the past 6 years. Now we’re ready to share what we’ve learned with others who dare to follow their dreams. Our mission is to share our experiences in the world of entrepreneurship, authorship, and the still dreaming ship. To bring a diversity of perspectives to this blog, we’ll take turns sharing posts. If you like one of us, we think you’ll like both of us.

In case you haven’t met us yet, Anna Brindley is the owner of an apparel company. She blogs on marketing, product development, trends and business lessons she has learned. Anna Clark is an author and president of EarthPeople, a consulting and communications firm. Clark writes on sustainability, leadership, communications, and faith-based inspiration. Together, we cover the gamut of topics that most aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs care about.

On top of our professional pursuits, we’re both busy moms juggling kids and households. We understand the obstacles to achieving your dreams. Not only have we been there, in many ways we still ARE there. So let’s do this thing together. We hope you’ll visit our blog regularly when you need motivation. And if you have something you’re dying to share, please make comments on our posts or contact us to submit a guest post of your own.

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