I think, therefore I can, man!

Hello, Anna Brindley and Anna Clark here. Welcome to the Think Tank Society™ blog. We’ve been supporting each other through our entrepreneurial journeys for the past 6 years. Now we’re ready to share what we’ve learned with others who dare to follow their dreams. Our mission is to share our experiences in the world of entrepreneurship, authorship, and the still dreaming ship. To bring a diversity of perspectives to this blog, we’ll take turns sharing posts. If you like one of us, we think you’ll like both of us.

In case you haven’t met us yet, Anna Brindley is the owner of an apparel company. She blogs on marketing, product development, trends and business lessons she has learned. Anna Clark is an author and president of EarthPeople, a consulting and communications firm. Clark writes on sustainability, leadership, communications, and faith-based inspiration. Together, we cover the gamut of topics that most aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs care about.

On top of our professional pursuits, we’re both busy moms juggling kids and households. We understand the obstacles to achieving your dreams. Not only have we been there, in many ways we still ARE there. So let’s do this thing together. We hope you’ll visit our blog regularly when you need motivation. And if you have something you’re dying to share, please make comments on our posts or contact us to submit a guest post of your own.

Anna & Anna

One response to “I think, therefore I can, man!

  1. Roxanne hotchkiss

    So excited about this blog since I never seem to be available for meet ups! Can’t wait to read and contribute.

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