It’s all about you

By Anna Brindley
Well, sort of.

Recently, Victoria of Ladies Who Launch wrote a post “Telling Your Story”.  After reading it, I remembered how I always had the most success selling my products when I was face-to-face, telling my story.

So when my friend Anna (co-founder of Think Tank Society) asked me to help her prep for a speaking engagement on her book Green, American Style, she presented me with her talking points. About half way through the conversation, I stopped her.  “I think you just need to tell your story,” I told her.  She paused and said, “Really?” “Yes,” I said, really!”

Since she hadn’t told it in awhile, she wasn’t even sure which part was the most interesting.  “Just be yourself,” I told her.  We worked on weaving her story into her outline, making sure to include the “who, what, why and how” while emphasizing her key points. When the day came, she opened up and let her story speak for her product. And wouldn’t you know it, after the presentation, the group lined up to buy her book.  “It works!” she told me on the phone afterwards.

For tips on how to tell your story, read Victoria’s post

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